Tincan is a newsletter for and about people who are “doing the marketing” (whatever that means). It’s written by Anne Marie Lindemann, a designer and diy-er in Philadelphia, PA.

why Tincan exists

The name Tincan stems from the age-old pseudo-telephone trick of stringing soup cans together and whisper-shouting secrets to a friend. It embodies a scrappy, creative mentality — precisely the kind of mindset that’s required when you’re the only person available to roll up their sleeves and do the marketing. It’s also a mindset that allows you not to take everything so seriously — you’re doing the best you can with what you have. And you are, after all, playing with soup cans! So ignore the weirdness and let loose. 

I started Tincan so that people who wear the proverbial marketing hat can kick around ideas and learn from one another. Tincan is here to prove that it’s very possible to build and manage a brand yourself, if only with a little help from other folks who are doing it too.

what’s inside

Inside the issues of Tincan and on tincancooperative.com, you’ll find deep dives into different aspects of diy brand management, how-to's to help you tackle things yourself, and loads of inspiration and recs. We'll also have interviews with diy marketers — we’ll hear about what they did, in what order, and what their plans are now. We’ll even open up the budgeting can of worms to get a genuine sense of what things cost. 

hi, I'm anne marie

I grew up in Newport News, VA, and then took off for Florida State where I planted one foot in college radio and another in video production. After college, I spent a few years in the NYC media scene producing video content for outfits like Slate and Eater and then completed a grad program at Pratt to expand toward creative direction. Things started to click after that. I moved to Philly and began working with organizations on every aspect of their communications. The wider lens and more immersive projects quickly revealed how limitations in budget and capacity can hamper brand growth. I’ve since devoted my time to figuring out how to make it easier for folks to “do the marketing” themselves. 

You can find out more about the work that I do with Philadelphia’s small businesses at amlindemann.com. You can reach me directly via email at: annemarie [at] amlindemann [dot] com.

Thank you for reading and supporting Tincan!